Safety Tips

1. Always meet your date in a public places. Don’t allow your date to pick you up from work, home and place you regularly hang out. Pick a place that will have people around.

2. Drive your own car or take public transportation by driving your own car to the event or restaurant is always safer. You will have your car there in case you need to leave for whatever reason.

3. Always tell a friend or family member that you are going on a date and where. Tell them the day, time and about the time you should be home. Make sure they have your number and even the number of the place where you are meeting.

4. Watch your personnel information like driver’s license, where you live, and where you work. The less information you disclosure the more you are protecting yourself.

5. Watch your stuff as much as possible. This includes your purse or wallet. Never leave your drink un- attended and never accept a drink that is waiting for you at the table or is handed to you that you don’t know where it came from.

6. Never do anything that you don’t want to. Just because they are paying you to be on the date doesn’t give them the right to pressure you.

7. Keep close eyes on your date. This includes the way they are acting or talking. If something doesn’t seem right you need to make the decision to leave.

8. Set the rules with your date/client before and when you meet. Ex.: no grabbing of body parts, no kissing, no inappropriate comments, etc.