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Q: How do I collect payment from my date/client?

A: Collecting your payment for the date is a key part of you making it as a dater. When meeting your date introduce yourself ask how they are doing and then say “before we start are fun let’s get payment out of the way first”. Always a good practice to inform your date before you meet that you require full or half payment up front when you first meet. This way there is no misunderstanding.

Q: What if my date/client refuses to pay me?

A: If your date or client says they do not want to pay you then simple state to them that you will be leaving and will be informing DateBookie that he or she is a none payer. After 3 strikes as being a none payer the client will lose their rights to the site. Note: make sure you always ask for payment before your date begins so you are not out of funds for that date except travel time.

Q: What are the options to have the date/client pay me?

A: It’s always better to have your date/client pay by PayPal or Square. This is safer then excepting cash.

Q: Can I ask my date/client to pay me before we even meet?

A: You can always ask for your date/client to pay you in full for the time they requested. Some Daters ask for 2 hours upfront in pay before they meet.

Q: How do you know what to charge per hour?

A: At first it will be hard to know what to charge. As a person you need to figure out what your time is worth. Once you figure this out set your prices per hour to meet your needs. If you find you are getting no dates then it could be that your prices are too high. If you find that you are booked date solid you may want to increase your rates.

Q: What kind of pictures can I post on my profile?

A: It’s always good to show a verity of pictures. Such as you smiling, head shot, body shot, indoor/outdoor. Don’t show any nude pictures of yourself your profile could get flagged or removed.

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