How it Works

Looking for a Date?

First you will need to signup, there is no charge for this. Once you signup make sure you fill out your profile page so Daters know a little bit about you. Once you are setup you can start searching for a date of you choice. Once you have found that Dater simple click on the Daters calendar to make sure that Dater is availabe for the day or days you need. If the Dater is availabe simple click on “Request A Date”. Fill out the date request form and click send. You will then be contacted by the Dater soon. Once your Dater responses to your “Date Request” the Dater will confirm the date with you. If your date is not for a week or more make sure to confirm your date at least a couple days before your date is coming up. Make sure you check your email to see if your Dater has sent you a message.

Want To Become a Dater?

To become a Dater you will need to signup. Make sure you fill out your profile page and add pictures of yourself which will help in getting more dates. You will see on your profile page “My Calender” the calender is where you will mark the days that you have booked dates. Or you can click on the dates you are not working as well. For example lets say you only want to work the weekends only then you would block out Monday, Tuesday, Wenesday, Thursday, and Friday with the wording “Not Avaiable” or “Not Working”. Once you got your profile all setup you should start to see people looking at your profile page. You can see on your profile page how many people have viewed your profile. Keep an eye out in your email for Messages or Date Requests. Try and get back to protenial clients as soon as you can. When collecting money for your date use PayPal or Square. Once you go on your date make sure you ask your client to rate you on your profile page. This will help you built up clientele and get more dates.

Datebookie Promoter

As a Datebookie Promoter you will be given a referral code once you signup. This code is your key to making extra money by referring people to the Datebookie site. For every person that signs up and enters your referring code you will receive a minimum of $10.00. These referring funds are paid out at the end of each month via PayPal, so make sure you have a PayPal account setup so that you can start receiving your payments each month. Please note if you make more then $600.00 within a calendar year you will be given a 1099 for reporting your income for taxes. Please do not deface private property or place ads on telephone polls, or around city streets. If we are notified by the City that your marketing has defaced city streets or private property you will be accountable for any fines or damages.